Are we still under warranty?

The year was 2005. A few of us had cell phones, but they didn’t do much. They weighed about 8 pounds and making a call felt like pressing a warm canned ham on your face. Wardrobe malfunctions were commonplace, frankly expected, at all musical performances. (Man, did I pick the wrong year to follow Crosby, Stills and Nash.) Lost was entering season 2 and we yearned for the answers to the burning questions… “Why can’t I ever sit next to people on an airplane that look like Kate or Sawyer?” and “Is that the guy from that hobbit movie?”

I was a doe-eyed computer science graduate, freshly-pleated slacks, crisp oxford, pen protector and a dream to become a senior web programmer… or perhaps a rodeo clown.

Ok, so maybe my memory escapes me. But I am sure it was 2005 when I joined Creative Services. Back then we were the Web and Learning Team (WaLT) and one of my first tasks was to work with Andrew implementing software to manage our growing number of web-related support requests. After some debate we chose FogBugz. Despite the ridiculous name it has served us well for many years. In fact, it is so comfortably engrained in my daily routine that I went several days before noticing that we’ve rolled right past support ticket number 10,000!

Web support remains a big part of our mission and we’re proud to play our part. Please keep those emails coming. I look forward to answering FogBugz ticket number 100,000… unless of course the rodeo clown thing pans out first.

- Mark Windley