Cascade 6.8- Kudos Hannon Hill

We just upgraded to version 6.8.2 from 6.7.6 and have been pleasantly surprised. In addition to legitimate publishing queue improvements (moving from single to multiple threads for “parallel publishing”), there are 3 exciting new features in this version of Cascade: Context Menu, Native Image Editing Tool, and Rendering Metrics.

Context Menu

You may remember us raving about a Firefox plugin that allowed you to click on any asset in the left hand navigation tree and select an action to perform on the asset (for example “edit”). This saved many clicks for those of us willing to load and maintain the add-on and use Firefox exclusively. Well in this version of Cascade that concept is built-in and it is available in all browsers.

If you hover over any asset anywhere -in the left navigation tree, folder content list or even your history- a small arrow will appear next to the asset. Click on the arrow (use a normal left-click not a right-click) and you are presented with a popup box of direct links for all the actions you can perform on the asset such as edit, move/rename, publish, and delete. Embrace this feature- it is a REAL time saver!

Native Image Editing Tool

This is a built in editor that allows users to modify images directly in Cascade. Edit on any of the following file types


… and you are presented with a typical image editor inside the page. This editor handles resizing and cropping easily and efficiently. Hover over any of the editor buttons for a button description.

To Resize: Adjust the width and height then click the resize button

To Crop: Drag a square in the image then click the crop selection button

You can also flip your image vertically and horizontally or rotate clockwise and counterclockwise with a single button click. And of you don’t like what you just did, there is an undo button. Or you can choose to not submit the change(s) (remember as with any edit, you have to click Submit at the bottom of the page to save the edit).

Please don’t take this to mean that now you can upload your high resolution images into Cascade and start the editing process there. To help keep our shared database “sprite” and allow us to continue to maintain up to 20 versions of every file in version history we still discourage uploading very large files of any type.

Rendering Metrics

This is the least interesting feature to most users, but it is something you will definitely notice so I will mention it. On all page views there is now a blue “Metrics” box in the upper right corner. If you click on Metrics it will tell you the time that it took to render the page and each of the page regions. Nothing fancy, however this is extremely useful to anyone building templates and page types by letting us know where we can improve efficiencies.

Kudos Hannon Hill!

- Mark Windley