May 26, 2015
by Creative Services

Cascade Tip of the Month: A Lesson in History

Are you harnessing the power of history? Cascade offers several ways to save time and clicks by using your recent history—here are two of the most helpful and often overlooked.

Quickly find a recent page or file:

  1. History menu - Click History (top blue bar) to open a menu of your most recently accessed pages, files and other assets. Click an asset in the list to select it, or hover over items for quick actions such as edit, move/rename, publish and delete.
  2. Quick Links menu – Click Quick Links (top right corner) to open a menu of your recent history as well as popular Dashboard actions.


Happy editing!

~ Jesse

March 31, 2015
by Creative Services

Cascade Tip of the Month: The Shortcut Menu and Other Time-Savers

We all love a good lifehack. Even a little one. Learn how to shave valuable time and clicks from your Cascade editing:

The Shortcut Menu
This tool is available on any asset, anytime, and is a real time-saver. Simply hover over a folder, page or file and click on the arrow that appears to the right to expand the menu. There you will find quick access to frequent actions such as edit, move/rename, publish and delete.

Shortcut Menu

The Shortcut Menu

Quick Actions
Start by selecting a folder to view its contents. Several “Actions” are available to the far right of each item: reorderin, edit and delete.

TIP: Use this delete action icon when you want to delete multiple images or files in a folder — select a folder, click the red delete icon next an item, confirm the item is safe to delete (any relationships will be listed for review), and you are returned to the folder view where you can continue with the next item. Wash, rinse, repeat.


Bulk Actions
Limited bulk actions are available at the bottom of the folder view: copy and publish. Use the checkboxes to select multiple items, then use the drop down menu to select copy or publish. Note that multi-select, bulk deleting is NOT an option — instead, try the “Quick Action” tip described above.


Happy editing!

~ Jesse

January 26, 2015
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: New! Build-Your-Own-Button Feature

With this new feature you can add a button to the content area of your page without the help of a designer. By simply applying a style from the dropdown menu, you can turn your link into a button that is prominent on the page and color-coordinated to your site. The new buttons are mobile friendly and more accessible for the visually impaired as well.

See examples and learn how to build a content button in Cascade.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

PS – We are busy at work finalizing a new design for our sites. This project kicks off the process of bringing the W&M web presence in line with the new visual identity of the university. Watch for emails with details coming soon!


December 15, 2014
by Tina Coleman
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A Couple of Nods to Responsive Sites

W&M Blogs

The redesigned, responsive W&M Blogs site.

Folks in Creative Services spent a lot of time over the past year and a half making the many websites we manage responsive for mobile users. We submitted a few of those to the Education Digital Marketing Awards for consideration. The awards recognize the best educational websites, digital content, electronic communications, mobile media and social media.

The winners list was released Friday and we were pleased to find out that William & Mary has received two awards:

GOLD – William & Mary website

SILVER – William & Mary Blogs

The latter underwent a major redesign in addition to being made responsive. Congrats to everyone on the team involved in these projects!

~ Tina Coleman

November 3, 2014
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Take Advantage of our New Q&A Sessions

Join us for the next one-on-one Q&A session.Once a month Cascade experts from Creative Services are on campus to assist you. Don’t miss this opportunity for one-on-one assistance with your site.

  • Have you consulted the Help Pages, but you’re still stuck?
  • Do you need help setting up a new feature?
  • Are you looking to use an advanced feature?
  • Do you want to talk through available solutions for presenting your content?

Check the training calendar for the next session (including date, time and location) and stop by for an individual consultation or advanced training. Assistance is on a first-come basis and is open to all who have attended the Cascade Basic Training class.

Ready for help now? You’re in luck. The next Q&A session is this week. Join us Wednesday, 9am-12pm in the Sadler Center’s James Room. Please bring a laptop if you are able.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

October 3, 2014
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Get the Most Out of Your Relationships

No, this isn’t a self-help thing. Wait, maybe it is. A few months ago, Cascade added a Relationships tab. We love it and use it daily.

View of the Relationships tab for the Creative Services homepage. Each item in the list is a page or other asset that links to our homepage. (Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)

What is it?

For assets such as images, documents, widgets, listboxes, and most page types, you can click on the Relationships tab (next to the Publish tab) and get a list of assets that link to or display that item.

The example shown here is the Relationships tab for the Creative Services homepage. Each item in the list is a page or other asset that links to our homepage.

When will you use it?

Once you start using this tab, you’ll find more and more ways to work it into your editing routine. Here are some possibilities:

  • Ever wonder where you used a particular widget? Select the Widget file and click the Relationships tab.
  • Ever wonder what other internal pages are linking to your page? Check its relationships.
  • Need to know where an image is being used? Check its relationships.
  • Not sure if anyone is still linking to that old PDF? Check its relationships.
  • Do you use borrowed pages? Check the Relationships tab of the original to locate each borrowed version.
Using the “Publish all relationships” feature

This is a one-step feature to batch publish all of the assets on a Relationships tab. While this is particularly useful for our site-wide managers, it can still come in handy at times for a site editor (just remember you can only publish assets that you manage).

If the asset you’ve updated requires related pages to be published, this is a real time-saver. For example, if you’ve moved/renamed a document or image, updated a borrowed page or modified a listbox, you’ll love this feature.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

PS – Don’t forget to take advantage of our new Q&A sessions. Check the calendar and stop by for one-on-one assistance with your site.






September 15, 2014
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Simplify Your Visit Us Page

Gone are the days of updating directions and embedding maps on your Visit Us page.

Reduce your upkeep AND help visitors find you by adding a link to your building’s Campus Map page. Visitors will find a photo of the building, an interactive map, the address, accessibility info (where available) and directions via Google Maps, all in a mobile friendly format. Take a look at the Wren Building’s page.

Ready to add a link to your building’s page?

If your site is located under

  • Create an Internal Link as you normally would.
  • Your building’s page is located in /

If your site is located under,, or

  • Go to the Campus Map, browse or search for your building, and copy the web address of the page.
  • In your site, create an External Link as you normally would, using the web address you just located.

Need help? Reach out to your Cascade manager or drop in at our next Q&A session. If you notice anything amiss with your building’s page, let us know. Content for the Campus Map is provided by Google Maps, Disability Services and other campus partners.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse

July 28, 2014
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: What Does THAT Button Do?

The WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG Editor

The WYSIWYG (pronounced wizzy-wig) is the editor built into Cascade in which you input and format page content. What You See Is What You Get. Behind the scenes it does the heavy-lifting and converts your content into the html necessary for display on the web. It’s likely the tool in Cascade that you interact with most frequently, but you might not know how to use all of the available features and buttons—special characters, images, tables, links and lists, as well as custom formats and styles.

Now there’s a section of the Cascade Help Pages that breaks down each button and feature—those that should be used and those that should not (for technical, design or usability reasons).

Get to know the WYSIWYG editor and its ins and outs.

July 14, 2014
by Creative Services
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Time for a little summer cleaning

Although I’m pretty sure the idea that summer is the “slow” time on a college campus is more myth than fact, not being knee deep in the typical academic year goings-on does afford a bit of time to take a step back and get an idea of how things are going, both from a web standpoint and a social media one.

For a little web refresh, start at the homepage of your site in Cascade and click through your menu, are all the links still accurate? Is the information up to date on your homepage and other highly visible sections of your site? If not, go in and update that content, remove broken links and add your latest information. To help keep fresh content always on your site, add a new widget to your site to showcase the latest events going on in your office/department/group or the feed from your blog or Twitter account.

Have you moved offices this year or added new people to your staff? Make sure all of your contact information is accurate. This update should include your social media channels. If you’ve created a new Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account this year, be sure to add it to your website (and if it’s not included in our social media directory, let us know). Likewise, if using a particular channel has dropped off your priority list but you’d like to get it ramped back up, send Creative Services an email and we can work with you to try and figure out a social media strategy and schedule that works for you.

Do you have speakers coming in the fall for a colloquium? Student research presentations or monthly faculty brown bags? Be sure to add them to the W&M Events system so the whole campus can find out about them. You can also borrow events from the calendars of other offices on campus if you think they would be of interest to your office or department.

The added benefits to all of these updates? You won’t have to do them during the “busier” time at the beginning of the semester when you realize something may be out of date! So take 30 minutes this week and take a look at your site.


June 20, 2014
by Creative Services
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Cascade Tip of the Month: Did my page publish yet?

Do you find yourself hitting “refresh” over and over on your live site wondering if your publish job has gone through?

There’s a setting for that. If you’re tired of guessing, you can set your user preferences to take you to the publish status page after you publish your edits. From there you can see your place in the queue and watch your item work its way through.

To change this setting: log in to Cascade, select the Cascade logo (that swirly thing in the top left corner), select Preferences, then User. Check the “After Publish Assets, Go to publish status page” box and hit Submit. Voila.

Access User Preferences to set your publish status page setting.

Access user preferences to set your publish status page setting.

Warning: often Cascade publishes so quickly that your item will only spend a moment on the status page. But this is a good thing.

Happy editing!

~ Jesse